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Your Outdoor Surrey Handyman from Express is skilled in a whole host of outdoor work through years of experience working on home exteriors and gardens. We undertake all types of gardening work and property maintenance. We can repair garden fences and gates, fix and maintain garden decking, repair sheds and outbuildings. We are also great for those maintenance and repair jobs on the outside of your house such as roofing, window and door frames, guttering and downpipes.

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Fence Repairs and Renewals | Lawn Mowing and Turfing | Roofing Repairs | Garden Maintenance | Pressure and Jet Washing | Paving, Patios and Driveways | Guttering Repairs and Cleaning

Surrey Handyman Fence Repairs

Surrey Handyman Fencing

Repairs to Your Fencing

Damaged fences can be unsightly and can create a security risk… Whether your fence has been damaged by weather, an accident or simple wear and tear we have the expertise to repair and replace a variety of sections or panels in numerous styles from post and rail through picket and trellis to palisade fencing.

Whilst you are having your fence repaired why not have it repainted and protected against the elements? It’s also worth noting that we repair gates, walls and garden containing walls. We are fully insured and you can check our references with Checkatrade. Call us today!

Fencing Replacement Handyman Surrey

Surrey Handyman Fencing

Replacement Fencing

There are many reasons for replacing fences. Perhaps you want to make your property pet-proof or pest-proof, increase your privacy or enhance your security, replace a damaged border or simply fancy a new look? Whatever your situation, we can advise on the best options to choose and install the final product for a professional finish throughout South London, Surrey and the South.

We will remove any unwanted fencing and provide any necessary weatherproof coatings to ensure protection from the elements. And at the end of the day, we will leave your property as we found it – but with the addition of an expertly installed, built-for-purpose fence.

Garden Maintenance Handyman Surrey

Surrey Handyman

Garden Maintenance

There’s a lot of work in keeping a garden spick and span and even the most green-fingered enthusiast can need a helping hand. Our team can carry out regular chores such as lawn mowing or hedge cutting as well as ad-hoc services including garden clean-ups and rubbish clearance. We offer reduced rates for regular contracts! Ask for details.

We also know that patios, paths and outbuildings are an important part of garden maintenance, so we also provide pressure washing, painting and shed erection services.

Jet Washing Handyman Surrey

Jet and Pressure Washing

Surrey Handyman Services

You can brush, scrub and throw as many buckets of bleach as you can muster. But there are some cleaning jobs where only high-pressured equipment will get a satisfactory result. We use specialist equipment for a deep clean finish on masonry, paths, patios and driveways to remove dirt, moss, algae and general grime cause by pollution.

We always ensure any of your other external furnishings are not affected by the high-pressure jet cleaning system. Pressure washing removes weeds, grit and dirt. Call us to arrange a free quotation on your work.

To Express Handyman Services, I am emailing you to say thanks for the excellent job you made to the rear fencing of my property in Croydon. I understand from my tenant that your worker was punctual, polite and professional, and also removed a lot of debris that no extra charge was made for. Rest assured I’ll be asking for your services in the very near future for the interior work as we discussed. Very Best Regards…

Outdoor Surrey Handyman for Guttering Repair and Clearing

We’re OK with Ladders….

Surrey Handyman Gutter ClearingEven if you’ve got a head for heights, repairing and unblocking gutters can be a challenge. Half of home-owners with their own roof don’t maintain or clear their gutters and downpipes (which connect a roof-line gutter to the ground).

However, by forgetting to clear and clean them, this can lead to extensive water damage to bricks, rot windows, and cause damp. If the pipes are made of cast iron, they would benefit from being painted regularly to ward off rust.

Here at Express Handyman we are experienced at dealing with all gutter-related problems whether it’s a periodic gutter-cleaning service, repairing leaking gutters or down pipes, replacing sections of damaged guttering or responding to an emergency blocked system. Our experts are ready to tackle most guttering jobs, just call for advice.

Surrey Handyman for Roofing Repair and Replacement

Houses, Sheds and Garages

Surrey Handyman Roof RepairsAccording to Churchill, 62% of homeowners with a tile or slate roof don’t look at the roof closely for loose tiles or slates. However, weak tiles can soon be a problem when the wind picks up and missing or cracked tiles will let in the damp when it rains. And let’s face it, that has the potential to be pretty disastrous for your home.

Why not let us take a look at your roof, pitched or flat, to see if you have any missing slates, tiles or gaps. We can also ensure there is no moss blocking the gutters as this can retain moisture which may then damage the roof.

For all your roof repair requirements Express Handyman Surrey is your company of choice. For extensions, garages, sheds, porches and outbuildings, for anything related to roofing in Surrey, call us.