Garden Decking Design and Build Surrey

We are often asked about building garden decking. Using high quality decking timber and deck designs our decking carpenters can install a garden deck that will complement your home.

The size of your timber garden decking is determined by the space available, and slopes in your garden. Our wood decking design carpenter will assess what style of deck you want and whether handrail is needed. We offer ground level decking, backyard decking, stepped decking and raised decks or “elevated decking”, which is great for uneven gardens.

Garden Decking Installation Surrey
Garden Decking Builders Surrey
Garden Decking Installation Surrey

Our decking services include; Raised or Elevated decking, Split Level Decking, Decking Carpenters, Decking Steps, Circular Decking, Decking Handrails and Newels, Composite Decking, Custom Decks, Mobile Home Decking, Caravan Decks, Grooved Decking Boards, Smooth Decking Boards, Decking Balustrading Plain and Moulded

Garden Decking Repairs and Maintenance in Surrey

Repairing and Maintaining Your Garden Decking

Keep your garden decking looking great by carrying out any repairs as soon as possible.

What parts of my garden decking need repair?

Garden decking generally only requires minimal amounts of maintenance, but if problems do occur it’s essential that you carry out your repairs to your decking as soon as possible to prevent irreparable and lasting damage.

Common decking problems include:

  • Water exposure
  • Wood rot
  • Loose railings or boards
  • Damaged support beams
  • Damaged wooden planks

Water is one of the main causes of damage to your garden decking. The moisture soaks into wooden decking, causing it to expand and contract, which leads to splitting and cracking. Your garden decking may be weakened in some spots, which isn’t a big problem to fix, the defective planks can be simply replaced rather than the entire deck.

How to prevent damage to your garden decking – garden decking maintenance

The best way to prevent major damage to your garden decking is by inspecting it regularly for loose nails or screws and rotting, cracked or warped wood. Make sure you keep your decking weatherproof by adding sealant and varnish regularly. Clean it thoroughly after the winter when most damage is likely to have occurred.

How to maintain garden decking

Dirt and grease can discolour the wood of your garden decking and it can also become slippery, so it is recommended that you clean your garden decking once a year with a pressure washer. Then treat it with a specialist cleaner which removes any final traces of dirt. This should also restore the original look of the wood.

You may also wish to coat the deck with a clear water repellent coating or layer or paint or stain in order to prevent fading over time; this will also prevent cracks in the deck caused by water damage.